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  • She pulls a muscle!
    I haven’t been to the gym since December 2019. Once COVID hit in March I lost my gym privileges at the office, and before that I went a little too hard on a treadmill and literally could not fill the hunger my body felt the next day. Worried my stomach would feel like a bottomlessContinue reading “She pulls a muscle!”
  • She puzzles!
    Last February I stopped into my local Target and browsed the store looking for something cozy to do in the middle of the ugliest winter in human memory (although each year the winter somehow manages to outdo itself, I don’t know how). I was determined to not look at my phone/laptop/TV in the usual post-workContinue reading “She puzzles!”
  • She follows recipes!
    As self-quarantine, or whatever the official name is, continues on, so does the sharpening of my cooking skills. I have been forever changed by the pork, mushroom, and rice entrĂ©e we cooked up on Friday evening and have been not just required, but inspired to turn on the stove on and put my enamel castContinue reading “She follows recipes!”

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