What do you do after work?

Now that Spring has made her fashionably late entrance, my list of projects has multiplied. I don’t think I’m being dramatic when I say that winter, at least in middle TN, is absolutely devastating. I know I’m not the only one who loses her leaves in the winter along with the trees. It’s not the Arctic circle by any means, but the air is just cold enough to be uncomfortable, and it’s somehow always cloudy and wet, even when they sun comes out. My darling trees become naked, sickly things colored the deadest grays and browns fathomable. Cold deadness everywhere, but not in the romantic Poe way, or comfy hygge way, just in the soggy nothingness way where the only comfort is my space heater forever at my feet and the knowledge that it’ll eventually be over. The only thing that makes living in Tennessee in the winter bearable (i.e. reason why I don’t move farther South – I’m not suicidal, folks, and you shouldn’t be either) is that the Springtime is absolute heaven. It is everything the Earth is supposed to be. Mother Nature is her full couture glory.

“Are not the pleasures of the spring made such by the disagreeableness of the winter? Is not the pleasure of fair weather owing to the unpleasantness of foul? Certainly. Were it then always spring, were the fields always green and flourishing, and the weather constantly serene and fair, the pleasure would pall and die upon our hands; it would cease to be pleasure to us, when it is not ushered in by uneasiness.”

President Benjamin Franklin

Okay that’s enough about winter and spring, this blog is about the things I can do now that nature is on my side. So what do you, my friendly readers, like to do after a typical work day? This question came about in winter when my typical routine was to come home from work, change into comfies, maybe make a quick dinner if I was hungry enough, and then park it on the couch watching TV/YouTube/Instagram until I fell asleep. But that can’t be who you are, ya know? When someone would ask what my hobbies were, I would still say ‘tennis’, even though I haven’t played regularly in 15 years! So I asked myself, I said “Rach, what do you actually like to spend your time doing?” And now I’m here exploring all my options 🙂 Here’s a forshadowing of posts to come here on Rachel After Work:

2020 Projects

  • gardening – create a composting station on the balcony
  • gardening – maintain a healthy herb garden
  • gardening- maintain flowers and grasses for my sweet cat Luna to enjoy
  • gardening – create a separate blog/social media page dedicated to at-home gardening/homesteading (with help from my family – I can’t do it alone!)
  • gardening – running a booth at local farmer’s market
  • cooking – try more of Julia Child’s recipes (don’t be afraid of seafood!)
  • cooking – canning, pickling, and preserving
  • cooking – baking breads and pastries from scratch
  • cooking – host dinner parties
  • arts/crafts – fill an entire sketchbook
  • arts/crafts – find a go-to subject (i.e. self portraits, the Blue Heron)
  • arts/crafts – watercolor/drawing challenges (i.e. ‘Ink’-tober)
  • arts/crafts – handwritten letters/cards
  • arts/crafts – tiny things
  • active – ski!
  • active – find good walks/explore hiking trails around town
  • active – lake day
  • active – explore Tennessee tourist sites
  • other – hobby shops
  • reading
  • bloggin’

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