She follows recipes!

As self-quarantine, or whatever the official name is, continues on, so does the sharpening of my cooking skills. I have been forever changed by the pork, mushroom, and rice entrée we cooked up on Friday evening and have been not just required, but inspired to turn on the stove on and put my enamel cast iron pots to work. It’s now Tuesday AM and the past three nights have been filled with perfectly seasoned chicken thighs (and subsequent gravy AND bone broth!!!!!!!!), spaghetti carbonara, and mushroom fettuccine. I’m so grateful to those who blogged these recipes and shared with the world. Y’all, do y’allselves a favor and try these out:

Roasted Chicken Thighs: Spaghetti Carbonara: Mushroom Fettuccine:

The fresh herbs and dashes of homemade stock are what really made each dish go above and beyond what I would normally cook. Expect ‘She herbs!’ and ‘She stocks!’ posts in the near future. And probably a ‘She photographs!” as well – the lighting in these… yikes!

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