She puzzles!

Last February I stopped into my local Target and browsed the store looking for something cozy to do in the middle of the ugliest winter in human memory (although each year the winter somehow manages to outdo itself, I don’t know how). I was determined to not look at my phone/laptop/TV in the usual post-work slump on the couch (I typically look at these three screens simultaneously, I don’t know how). I decided a puzzle would be perfect since I could give my eyes some much-needed screen rest, listen to a podcast, and get a *tiny* bit of movement in. So I picked up a 500-piece Ravensburger “puzzle within a puzzle” puzzle and got to work. And then I finished it, and it was nice, so I ordered several more online.

Do you like puzzles, dear readers? I’ll do ’em once in a while, but I still can’t decide if they’re worth it. I can’t argue that they’re not a waste of time. I mean, you do get to build something, and perhaps feel a sense of accomplishment from completing a task, but it’s probably the most unnecessary task imaginable. It’s only an illusion of creativity and problem-solving. I buy my puzzles based on the image, so there’s no thrill of surprise when I finish it. I never glue them together and put them on the wall, I finish them only to destroy them again. I suppose the reason I do them is because I love me some colors, and this way I can take my time to admire colors in the art/design but there’s no pressure to actually create anything.

A hobby should pass the time, not fill it.

– Norman Bates in “Psycho”

So it’s been a year since I picked up that first puzzle of my adult life and I’m proud(?) of the little collection I’ve curated in my living room cabinet. Take a look! And my cat Luna asked for me to plug her puzzle-centric Instagram (@lilpuzzlez) – LOL!

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