She pulls a muscle!

I haven’t been to the gym since December 2019. Once COVID hit in March I lost my gym privileges at the office, and before that I went a little too hard on a treadmill and literally could not fill the hunger my body felt the next day. Worried my stomach would feel like a bottomless pit forever, I decided to call it quits on the ‘get in shape’ initiative I started only a month earlier.

So it’s been nine months of no real exercise aside from a few walks in that lovely spring weather (ugh, remember that?! I swear I’m only inspired to write when I’m happy, and i’m only happy when it’s nice outside). And I also have 900 dimples on my buttcheeks, and a few hundred more on my stomach and… what is that area called? The place where your bra cuts into your body where the boobz, back, and underarms meet. Did you know it was possible to get cellulite there? It’s really quite sad. I’m around 140 pounds at 5’3″ and although nothing is folding over yet (my test of ‘letting my self go’ completely), I have cellulite everywhere. I’m still following self-isolation guidelines due to COVID and working from home at my desk in a ~1,200 sq ft home, so I rarely move aside from the bed>chair>couch>bed routine (with a couple of toilets thrown in there, too), and it shows.

But enough is enough; it’s time to get back into shape. Last week I broke out my collection of Jillian Michaels DVD’s, rolled out a yoga mat, and moved the stationary bike into the spare bedroom. So far I’ve had a successful week of DVD/cycling-combo workouts that have left me feeling accomplished, but not so sore that I give myself a rest day that then turns into several days. In fact, the only rest day I’ve had was last Tuesday for the first “Presidential” “debate”. I paced the living room the entire time and my heart was racing the whole time though, so that may not even technically count as a rest day.

But in my attempt to make up for lost time, I did the hardest Jillian DVD a little too hard (“No More Trouble Zones”, second place goes to “6 Week Six-Pack”, third to “Shred It! With Weights”, and lovely fourth runner up “Yoga Meltdown”). I most certainly pulled a muscle in my shoulder, or it’s just regular soreness but I slept on it weird. Either way, I’m now propped up on the couch and can’t foresee myself changing into a sports bra with this pain. Not tonight. Yogurt for dinner.

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