Monday Cravings

I’ve been good about staying on lockdown since the beginning of COVID. Luckily I live within a 5-minute walk to Kroger and so will go there several times a week to get me out of the house without risking the health of myself and others. My pre-COVID grocery store visits used to be of the once-a-week variety where I would build a list for what I needed for the week, only focusing on getting those items in my basket, and getting outta there STAT. But with these smaller, more frequent visits, I’ve taken my time strolling the aisles, looking at items not on the list, sometimes forgoing the list completely. Once you look outside your usual line of sight, it’s amazing what offerings are available. !Cornball alert! but honestly every time I go to the store I say a lil thank you for all of the logistics and planning that went into placing such a plethora of items right in my neighborhood. 

So, in appreciation of all of the wonderful items my local grocer has on-hand, I’ve decided to purchase a new item every time I go to the store and blog about it here. I do have concerns of waste and excessive consumerism, but I will say that this ‘project’ will not be in addition to my normal diet, but I will incorporate the new items as substitutes for necassary meals. My hope is that this will be a positive experiment, maybe a lesson in expanding horizons/outlooks/perspectives. (I often use this sentiment as a metaphor for racism and intolerance of other cultures: no one wants to eat boneless, skinless chicken breasts every night for the rest of their lives. If you eat nothing but gluten and cheese because it’s easy and familiar, you’re going to end up full of shit. Diversify that diet! Diversify EVERYTHING!)

After a 2-hour post-work nap this afternoon, I woke up feeling weak and hungry and craving grape soda (see below) and something else, something else. Popped over to the store, no biggie, and while I’m there I go by the… hotdog area? I guess? There’s like hotdogs and protein pack things and ding ding ding! That is what she wants! Protein! I decide to grab a couple of on-sale lil salami protein snack packs, then headed over to the frozen single meals and found a decent-looking Salisbury steak meal from Boston Market. There’s something about sausaged/pâtéd/moussed meats I think are more palatable than a slab of muscle mass. Unless you’re making stock. The meal took 7-8 minutes to heat up in the ole microwave. Which, does anyone ever use the conventional oven? I can’t imagine anyone with the time to use the oven wouldn’t just cook from scratch to begin with. Anyway, I heated it up and ate it. It was fine. Full disclaimer that I wrote the line above about about eating gluten and cheese after eating this. Another note to self: try a fresh vegetable in my next attempt.

Boston Market Salisbury steak

Pros: Pro-tein (lol). Hot plate! Hot plate! Salty, but not too salty.

Cons: All brownscale. I would have loved a green bean or pea or something in addition to the meat, cheese, noodles, and gravy. 

I was also craving grape soda after that nap. Had a vision about the high-end stuff that they sell individually in the glass bottles. My local grocer didn’t carry any such thing, but I walked past a shelf holding individual big boi cans of Mountain Dew Kickstart. And they had grape! I haven’t been a soda drinker since college, but back then, I could put away Mountain Dew like a trash can. Looking back, I don’t know where I put them (calorically speaking), but the reason I stopped daily sodas was because of a whopping TEN cavities that needed after skipping dentist visits for four years. I guess that’s where the soda went LOL.

I’d never heard of these Kickstart drinks before since I rarely go down the soda/flavored water/sports drink aisle, but a quick Google search told me that Kickstart is intended to be a healthier option than straight-up Mountain Dew for breakfast. I know this is judgmental and elitist of me, but who could stomach such a thing for breakfast? It does say 5% Juice, but I didn’t taste any juice, just tasted a lighter, brighter soda. Soda is like liquid candy, and this was like those chewy gummy candies with the yogurt. It’s still good, but my teeth are close to throbbing. 

Did I enjoy this product because I was already craving a grape soda to begin with? Possibly, but I can certainly imagine this chilled-out soda will hit the spot again in the future.

Pros: Grape. Hit the spot.

Cons: Reminded me to book my next dentist appointment.

Mountain Dew Kickstart – Grape

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